Effortless Entertaining – Celebrate on a Shoestring

One of my favorite things about entertaining is the chance it gives me to create a beautiful and festive environment inside my home. There are so many great places to pick up some affordable decorations and accessories!

While it’s a lot of fun to select items from off the store shelves, I like to hunt around my house to see what I have on hand, and can then re-purpose for a stylish surprise. From flower pots to tart tins, there are lots of ways to create fun centerpieces with what you have stashed in your kitchen or basement.

Another place to find interesting and unusual decorating materials is a hardware store. PVC pipe, cut into 14″ lengths, sanded, painted, and then glued, make a contemporary wine rack. A quick stop at the IKEA bargain corner will more than likely give you multiple options for a base for the wine rack because they mark down cabinet shelving, doors, etc.

Don’t forget the flowers! Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market has an amazing selection of fresh flowers and plants to use throughout the house. Trimming the stems of lemon leaves, and then reusing them in the centerpiece is a great way to add texture to your arrangement without having to purchase other materials. What would have been destined for the trash is now a whimsical addition to your bouquet.

I hope this post inspires you to create something beautiful, without breaking the bank! A little creativity and an eye for under-utilized items will help you decorate with style on a shoestring budget.

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