Gourmet Catering for Your Summer Gatherings

Catered Summer Gatherings

Summertime in Michigan is important to many Michiganders (probably because it’s too short anyways) and that means that many people in our state plan fun summer gathering such as family reunions, birthdays, special picnics, and much more.

As these gatherings bring us together, good food is a central element that makes everyone happy.  However, many people struggle with trying to assemble a menu and it can even create tremendous stress.  But there is a solution…

Why Cater Your Summer Gatherings?

Catering a gathering makes it much more fun and enjoyable.  Gone are the days of stressful food preparation trying to anticipate what everyone would like to eat.  Instead, you’ll be able to focus on the real purpose of your gathering which is to enjoy the company of others.

Let’s explore some of the top reasons why people choose gourmet catering as an option for their summer gatherings:

Saving Time and Effort: Summer is often a busy time, and gourmet catering frees up the host to focus on other aspects of the party, like decorating, setting up games, or spending time with guests. No need to spend hours prepping food, grilling, or cleaning up afterwards.

Offering Variety and Quality: We provide a wider selection of dishes than most people could prepare themselves, and we also offer specific cuisines or dietary needs. This ensures there’s something for everyone, and being a gourmet catering company, the food is of higher quality than what you might whip up at home.

Reducing Stress: This may be the most important reason.  Catering can take a huge weight off the host’s shoulders. They don’t have to worry about running out of food, making sure everything is cooked properly, or keeping dishes warm. This allows them to relax and enjoy the party.

Fun Types of Summer Gatherings

We receive requests all the time to cater summer events and gatherings.  If you are planning on a fun summer get together, here are some ideas to consider:



Outdoor Movie Nights


Block Parties

Themed Parties


4th of July Celebrations

Family Reunions

Business Events

Whether your gathering is a small group, or, you have a large-scale corporate summer event that requires gourmet catering; our award-winning team offers a variety of options that range from appetizers through full-service sit-down meals.

Express Catering for Summer

Joe’s Gourmet Catering & Events offers an Express Catering Service that provides a quick turnaround on group catering requests.  (There are some limitations, so we request that you contact us to get an estimate on your gourmet order timeline.)  However, our customers love this new option and if you are planning a gathering that just sort of “came up” then this is an ideal option to offer the best gourmet catering to your guests.

Plan Your Catered Summer Event Today

Contact us today and speak with one of our experts who will help you design the ideal menu for your catered event so you and your guests can experience the award-winning catering from Joe’s Gourmet Catering & Events.  Call 248-477-4333 to get started.