Entertaining 101

With Halloween just about a week and a half away, it’s hard to ignore that the holidays will quickly follow. Are you hosting your first holiday function? Tasked with the tall order of hosting Thanksgiving dinner or another big event can feel like a lot of pressure if you’re doing it for the first time. With a little creativity and a dash of our expert advice, you’ll be ready to entertain like you’ve done it a million times before!

Every party or event share some basic elements that ensure that your party is a success. The great news is that entertaining presents equal opportunity to bring out your “inner Martha”. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or hapless in the kitchen, there are lots of ways to make it appear that party-throwing is your forte.

Great parties often have a theme. Like a branding effort for a company, it’s fun and easy to set a theme for your next event. Set the mood with the invitations. Whether you plan to send a formal invitation, or the electronic kind, there are lots of colors, textures and themes to choose from. Be creative! Even though it may seem elementary, there are a few key things to keep in mind when sending your invitations.

Before spreading the news, take a few moments to consider the type of event you’re having and how casual or formal it will be. This will help you to determine what kind of invitation you should send (a quick phone call for an impromptu Bbq, an evite for a casual Halloween potluck, a formal invitation for a house warming, etc.).

Once you’ve determined the type of invitation to send your guests, you’ll select an invitation that matches the theme. If you’re a real event enthusiast, you can even pick a color scheme for your party and carry that throughout the process, from invitation to the cocktail napkins!

On your invitation, be sure to include the following details –

the reason for the party (and what guests can expect to eat and drink)
the date and the time (if you’re planning to invite a lot of guests and don’t have much space, consider segmenting your guests into blocks and sending out invitations with staggered arrival times)
the location and address. Include a map and/or directions
“RSVP by…”
Any other relevant information (surprise party, registry information, costume party, etc.)
Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue our event 101 lessons so you’re primed for your party. From stocking the bar, wine recommendations and menus, to decorations, you’ll be ready for the best event you’ve ever had!

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