Winter Wedding Favors Your Guests will Love

Winter weddings are very special, as they signify such hope for growth, especially in Michigan where the ground is frozen and the landscape covered in snow. Nourished with love and excitement, after the spring thaw, blooms appear, displaying the wonderful nurturing that all relationships require, even in the chilly times.

If you’re still searching for the perfect favor for your winter wedding, consider some of these ideas. They’re sure to bring a smile to your guest’s faces!

* Ice wine – There are several types of ice wine available, and many are Michigan made! Tucked into a lovely
* gift bag (Check out Bold Ink Gifts on Facebook – another Michigan company).

* Hot cocoa kits – you can make your own specialty hot cocoa and fill mason jars with your special blend.
Consider an Aztec-inspired blend with cinnamon and cayenne, or make a ginger scented blend.

* Personalized lip balm – chilly weather can mean cracked lips in need of some TLC. Several companies can wrap
lip balm with a label that personalize the packaging for the perfect keepsake your guests can use all winter!

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